Becoming a Promotional Model

Becoming a promotional model requires the following:

1.) Presentation

Excellent personal appearance is a must. You should always arrive in a clean and tidy uniform and appropriate manner, including hair, nails and make-up. The presentation you portray says as much about the client you are representing, as does the product you are promoting.

2.) Punctuality

It is never acceptable to be late; if you are on time, consider yourself late! You should always arrive to a promotion at least 15 minutes before the event is scheduled to start. Make sure to take into account directions, traffic, registration, parking and fees when planning ahead. These are simple aspects that can cause tardiness if not carefully considered.

3.) Brand Knowledge, Background and Education

Education is a key aspect to promotional modelling. Knowledge of a brands background such as where the product is from, how and where the product is made, and why the product is different from the competitor is an essential part of running a successful promotion.

4.) Performance

As a promotional model you are to remain enthusiastic, outgoing, energetic and positive at ALL times. If you are having a bad day, leave it behind. It is up to you to promote a brand to your fullest potential each and every time. A golden rule to remember: for every negative think of at least two positives.

5.) Relationship Building

It is imperative in this field of work to build professional relationships with your clientele. By establishing repour with Clients, Account Managers and Team Members you create an advantage in understanding what it is exactly that your client desires and the best way to fulfil those needs.

If the above is you, please send us an email to with your resume and at least 2 photos (1 x Head Shot, 1 x Full Length).